20 Best WordPress Alternatives 2018

20 Best WordPress Alternatives

WordPress is dominating CMS platform over the past decade, but some people are looking WordPress alternatives to create a website. There are huge free resources available on the internet for WordPress, however poorly performing WordPress theme or plugin may be slow down your site overall speed.

There are great WordPress competitors in the market and they offer near as rich in features as WordPress. Moreover, If you want to build a specific website type like an online store, you can find the best website builder for your business or personal sites.

What is the best alternative to WordPress? WordPress is still the best general CMS platform, but If you are seeking WordPress alternatives cms, here is a list of top 20 best free WordPress alternatives for you to use to build a website or blog in 2018.

1. Joomla

2. Drupal

3. Wix

4. Shopify

5. Ghost

6. Medium

7. Craft CMS

8. Tumblr

9. Blogger

10. Weebly

11. Pulse CMS

12. Grav

13. Squarespace

14. Statamic

15. CMS Made Simple

16. Jekyll

17. Textpattern

18. Expression Engine

19. Hugo

20. Google Sites